Servicing the metal fabricating and concrete construction industry since 1916, E.G. Heller's Son, Inc. has remained at the
forefront of technological progress having supplied thousands of machines and systems to reinforcing steel processing and
construction companies worldwide.

All models are portable and offer high production in shops of various sizes as well as at the job site under the most demanding
requirements or conditions. All models are uniquely versatile and meet the rebar fabricator's wide range of requirements
from the low-cost economical line of rebar shears and rebar benders to the robust heavy-duty models.

Our popular combination rebar bender/shear is sold primarily to the residential and small fabricator. Although these machines
are economical in cost and operation, they require little space and they have a lot of bending and shearing capacity.

The Heller Rebar Benders and Rebar Shears have been used throughout the concrete construction industry for over 4 decades.
They are ideally suited for:

  • - Slabs on the ground, industrial floors
  • - Parking structures above and below grade
  • - Residential, industrial, and commercial buildings
  • - Storage tanks for coal, grain, water, chemicals, LNG and oil
  • - Highway structures
  • - Safety walls for the control of hazardous liquid spills
  • - Nuclear containment structures
  • - Pre-stressed concrete work
  • - Post-tensioning concrete work