100 years of providing metal fabrication equipment

Accurate, Dependable, Affordable
Heller Press Brakes are highly productive, accurate, and economical. Through advanced design and construction, Heller offers quality Hydraulic Press Brakes that incorporate conventional down-stroking ram design.

All Heller Press Brakes are easy to operate and provide simplified and easily accessible controls for optimum operator efficiency and output.

The frame construction features stress-relieved, heavy, rolled steel plates and is designed for optimum rigidity and cross-system alignment.

Heller's engineering/manufacturing process assures unrivaled precision and durability for years of trouble-free service.
Superior Ram Design

The Heller Hydraulic Brake Press features a proven, down-stroking ram system that results in increased operator control while reducing operator fatigue caused by up-stroking ram designs.

The Heller ram system consists of a thick, rugged ram that moves between extra heavy side frames. A massive steel torsion shaft is used to maintain ram parallelism until the mechanical stops are engaged and lower dead bottom is reached. Mechanical depth stops ensure constant ram penetration accuracy of +/- .0004. This system eliminates the need for sophisticated and high-maintenance hydraulic proportional valves, steel tapes, and micro switches.

Hydraulic Press Brakes Available in Models from 44-185 Tons.
Precision Mechanical Depth Stops

Keyed precision mechanical depth stops insure constant ram penetration accuracy of +/- .0004.

Limit Switches

Auxiliary limit switch controls are utilized when not using mechanical depth stops.

Overload Protection System

Overloading and damage to the press brake and tooling is prevented by a quick response relief valve system.

Adjustable Stroke and Speed Controls

Stroke length can be adjusted by moving the cam to a position on the slide that will control the upper most limit of the ram. The ram decelerator adjustment is automatic, allowing the brake to go into work speed on contact with material.

Adjustable Bearing Block

The adjustable bearing block transmits bed loads to the frame, minimizing concentrated stresses. These blocks also allow for rapid paralleling of bed and ram.

Torsion Bar

Heller Hydraulic Press Brakes have massive torsion bars which insure parallelism and three running modes:

1. Inching...for setting up tools or fixturing. 2. Singles stroke...for repetitive work. 3. Continuous stroke...where high production is suggested.

Smooth power stroke avoiding undesirable slipping of the work piece which reduces costly scrapping of parts.

The Heller Press Brake automatically shifts into slow work speed on contact with material.

Stroke Length Adjustment

Heller Sheet Metal Brakes require adjustment only to the top of the stroke. The starting point of work speed is set automatically when the upper blade contacts the material. This eliminates time consuming work speed in the air.

Hydraulic Manifold Control Block

All main operating valves are incorporated into one side is a compact manifold control block. The manifold block permits quick replacement and adding of more valves for auxiliary functions of NC or CNC Systems. The possibility of fluid leaks are greatly reduced since interconnecting valve piping is eliminated.

Precision Slides

The ram is accurately guided with minimal clearance in long slide ways covered with replaceable, anti-friction material. Wear adjustment can be carried out at any time to insure continued precision.

Actuating Controls

A three-position foot switch, key selector switch for job, full stroke, and automatic stroke and dual palm buttons are provided asstandard.

For precise control of ram travel, especially for scribed line work, the operator can switch the press to an "inching" mode that allows jogging the ram to a scribed line.

Compact, High-Speed Hydraulic System

Multi-speed, self-contained power unit with high performance gear pump and heavy-duty motor provides clear working space and accessibility.

Sectional Ram Clamp Bars

Separate sectional clamping bars are supplied as standard equipment in order to securely fasten short dies, as well as standard length tooling. Unique crown correcting device is standard.

Heller Press Brakes

Tonnage in the shaded panels are for V die openings eight times the metal thickness. Tonnage indicated is generally required for average right angle bending work, giving an inside radius of bend roughly equal to the metal thickness. When bending plates over 1/4", it is usually necessary to use a V die greater than 8 times the material thickness.